Tioman Transport


Tioman Island is not very large with minimal roads. You can practically go around on foot at most places around Tioman island. However, if you like to travel by car or bike, you could still do so although there are not many places to go.

Best place to walk

If you are planning to visit the villages around Tioman Island, it is advisable and encouraged to use boat services. You can use the Mersing-Tioman ferry services where you will can stop at the like sof Salang or Genting. These are sometimes called ‘water taxis’ which costs around RM20 to RM50 per trip depending on the distance.

There is a concrete road that connects Tekek to the airport and several main spots. There are 4WD taxis provided in the island which can be quite expensive. If you are adventures, you could explore the island on your own by renting a vehicle.

This is where you can rent a bicycle and paddle your way into the island. Besides that, scooters and motorbikes are available for rental as well. Otherwise, you can go around on foot and explore the island at your own leisure. This is where you get to enjoy the local traditions and be closer to the culture and heritage of Tioman Island.