Sipadan Transport


The only reason people come to Sipadan Island is for scuba diving. As one of the top diving spots in the world, Sipadan is a must-go place for any diver. The government takes great effort to conserve the nature and beauty of Sipadan Island where it is now no longer possible to stay in the island. As such, travelling around in Sipadan Island is mainly on foot and this is only during the day.

Best way to get to Sipadan

The most significant transportation around Sipadan Island is in getting here. You can only head to the nearby towns and islands before hopping into Sipadan and off to the dive site. To get here, you will need to get to Semporna town.

This town is connected to Kota Kinabalu. Those who fly in can stop at Tawau or Kota Kinabalu. From there, you can take a minivan or a taxi to bring you to Semporna. This trip is quite bumpy and will take about 1 hour from Kota Kinabalu and 3 hours from Tawau.

From Semporna, getting to Sipadan will take about an hour using the speedboat which is usually pre-arranged by the dive operator. Take note that going to Sipadan will require a special permit.