Outdoor Advertising


Bus Advertising

Widely regarded to be one of the most effective out-of-home media, bus advertising allows your brand to have maximum exposure in various parts of town. The most common spots in bus advertising is in the exterior of the vehicle.

The best Out-of-Home advertising media

You can place your ad at the back of the moving bus which can garner a lot of ad views throughout the day. Besides that, wraparounds are quite common for buses which are known to be very visible and highly impactful. Other types of media in buses include handles inside the bus, posters and digital screens which can be viewed by the passengers.

Train Advertising

In Kuala Lumpur, there are several train services like the LRT, KL Monorail and the KTM Komuter which are used by thousands of commuters each day. This gives your ads a lot of impressions on a daily basis which has an average viewing time of 10 to 15 minutes every time while it can be a lot longer during the rush hours.

The most common types of media used in train advertising include posters that are located at the every entrance. This is because a lot of commuters are viewing this media either during the entire trip or the last 2 minutes before leaving the train.

Apart from that, the handles are very effective media for advertising from within the train as most passengers will hold on to these items when the train moves. In most cases, the passenger will be looking at the handle before and after using them.

Highly Impactful and Visible Media

LCD screen advertising has already gained a lot of popularity in recent years mostly because of the fact that they are very affordable and effective. Instead of static ads, you can now use videos and moving images to reach your target market better.

LCD screens can be placed at high-traffic locations like major highways, airports, entertainment outlets and shopping malls. This means that they can be targeted to cater to certain advertisers. You can now choose between using images, text or video in your ads to appeal better to your target audience.

Lightboxes in LRT stations

Lightboxes are perhaps one of the most common out-of-home media because they are visible, durable and very effective. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be placed at high-traffic locations.

Lightboxes are very economical and is very effective when used at locations that can reach your target audience. That is why this media is very commonly seen at airports, train stations, restaurants and shopping centres. They require very minimal maintenance where you only need to change the visuals once every few months depending on the needs and campaign.

Pillars Advertising

Using pillars for advertising requires careful planning because they are very location-based. Pillar advertising is usually adopted at train stations, on highways and in public buildings. This is where your ad will wrap around a certain pillar(s) which can then appeal to the crowd there.

The benefits of using pillar advertising is that it can leave a long and lasting impression if the visuals are captivating and attractive. You will notice pillars usually have very minimal text and is perfect for on-going promotions or ad-hoc campaigns. This includes concerts, sales and other events.

LRT and MRT Stations Advertising

Advertising in transportation stations can be very effective if you have an integrated marketing campaign. It can be a reminder-tactic which starts from within the train. Most train stations have interior media that you can place your ads on.

This includes large walls at the terminals where commuters are waiting. In most cases, there are special designated locations where you can place an ad. This will include wraparounds, pillars and even on the staircases of the station.

Other types of advertising in stations include sponsoring the entire station which cover the interior and exterior locations of the building. This is one of the most popular modes adopted in the likes of the KL Monorail and the MyRapid LRT.

Rail System Advertising

Advertising on the rail system will give your campaign a lot of visibility because trains are among the most captivating modes of transport in the city. A moving train is most likely to catch the attention of the general public as compared to buses and taxis.

When you advertise on the rail system, your ad will mostly be covering the exterior parts of the coach. This means that it must be very attractive and has sharp colours. When the train moves, the viewing public will most likely turn to look at the train which will then give your ad a lot of visibility.